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First Intelligence Ltd is a Hong Kong company engaged in investigations and accounting forensics, business intelligence and corporate due diligence and related M&A research and modeling.

We propel our client’s business issues into opportunities for growth, resilience, versatility, proactivity and strategic planning success and long-term advantage.

We combine our highly specialized skills in the areas of corporate investigations, anti-corruption and anti-fraud consulting with our deep financial acumen, investigative know-how and advanced analytics to produce transformative insights which help our clients move ahead with confidence amidst an environment of expanding global footprints, reputational instability and increased regulation.

Excellent Support

We meet one-on-one with potential clients who require forensic accounting, M&A accounting, corporate due diligence work and general investigative intelligence. Support is provided from the beginning to the end of the case.

Awesome Team

Our Team compromises of qualified professionals who are highly trained in all aspects of investigative intelligence.

Faster Performance

We complete cases in effective turnaround time without compromising our professionalism and dedication.