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Leveraging our unique knowledge and experience, we’ve created an array of services directly suited to businesses and individuals seeking to learn more about a specific person or business partner.
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Investigations & Forensics

We provide investigations and forensics by certified forensics experts and private investigators.

Business Intelligence

Preparation of industry analysis and deep business intelligence leveraging investigative efforts.

Corporate Due Diligence

Coordinating legal, financial and valuation corporate due diligence, in addition to investigative due diligence on specific key employees of target companies.

“First Intelligence provided us with a highly professional and dedicated service round the clock. They were accurate and all the information we needed was supplied to us a 100 percent correct. We will definitely make use of their services again and recommended them to other organisations.”

Sundance Group

“First intelligence have helped us with critical pre screening prior to hiring a new senior manager. By using the data provided in their detailed and thorough reports, we were able to get a full understanding and background check of the candidate we were hiring. First intelligence found information that we could not have found anywhere else and that was a key driver to our success moving forward.”


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